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Set below Pitch Clubhouse on the lower ground floor is Pitch Academy, designed specifically with the serious golfer in mind. As a member, you can book one of the five bays for private practice, or refine your technique with a lesson.


If you want to refine your technique having picked up some new skills, you may want to hire a bay for yourself or with a friend. Pitch encourage you to practice like a Pro at Pitch Academy, and if you run into any problems one of their onsite team will always be around to lend a hand. All members have the perfect environment to improve like never before.



Each golf lesson is given in a private bay, alongside full usage of Foresight GC Quad and Swing catalyst double camera video analysis.


 This is great for reviewing after each lesson or your next practice session.



Technology at Pitch London is the most advanced for indoor golfing in Europe. They have all the below available in every one of their five Academy bays, ensuring you get the most out of your practice.


At Pitch, they believe every golfer will improve rapidly improve when seeing the swing from face on and down the line, combine this with vital club-head data and you have the perfect environment to reach your full potential.

Swing Catalyst

FSX Software

GC2 Smart Camera System

HMT Head Measurement Technology

GC Hawk in our Clubhouse

Eight Bays; five in our Academy and three in our Clubhouse

Sam Putt Lab

Full Callaway Sets for both left and right-handed players

Women's clubs

Custom build stand for clubs allowing the golfer to have a fully specified club



Lessons Available at Pitch London

PTL Golf attends Pitch London on Wednesday Afternoons.

One Hour


Two Hour Lessons

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