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Have 30 minutes to warm up? Make the most of it by following these key tips!

Arriving at the golf course with ample time before your tee time is a golden opportunity to prepare yourself mentally, physically, and strategically for an exceptional round.

We understand the importance of utilising these precious moments, and in this blog post, we'll guide you through prioritising your activities to maximize your performance.

So, get ready to tee off with confidence and make the most of those crucial 30 minutes!

A female golfer standing at the driving range preparing for her round of golf.

Warm Up with Purpose

Begin with some light stretching exercises to loosen your muscles and increase flexibility. This will reduce the risk of injuries and allow for a more fluid swing. Once your body is warmed up, spend a few minutes hitting practice shots at the driving range.

Focus on your tempo, alignment, and balance to establish a solid foundation for your round.

Assess the Conditions

Observe the course and familiarise yourself with the conditions. Take note of wind direction, any hazards, and the speed of the greens. Consider how the conditions might affect your club selection and shot shape. Understanding the playing environment can give you a competitive edge.

Putting Precision

Dedicate a significant portion of your 30 minutes to your putting. it can yield remarkable results. Find a practice green and spend time honing your putting stroke.

Focus on distance control, aiming, and reading the greens.

Mental Preparation

While physical readiness is crucial, mental preparation is equally vital. Use the time before your tee time to cultivate a positive and focused mindset. Engage in deep breathing exercises or visualisation techniques to calm your nerves and enhance concentration. Reflect on previous successful rounds or memorable shots to boost your confidence.

Game Plan

As your tee time approaches, take a few moments to outline a game plan based on the insights you've gathered. Consider your strengths, weaknesses, and the course layout.


Arriving at the golf course with ample time before your tee time offers a golden opportunity to optimise your performance and elevate your game. These 30 minutes can set the tone for an exceptional round and help you unlock your golfing potential.

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