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Check out the feedback from clients who have enjoyed the variety of elite golf coaching available from PTL Golf.

These testimonials are here to help you make informed decisions on the future of your golf tuition.


Also included are reviews of our bespoke golf packages where you can join other golfers of all abilities to start improving today.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials

Eamon Campbell | F2F

"Working with Pete over the past three months have firstly been a pleasure and great fun.

Our lessons are enjoyable and he makes you feel comfortable and gets to know you as a person.

Pete then finds out where you are with your game and what areas you want to improve. I have worked with other coaches in the past who either do not use technology or rely on it too much. Pete has the knack of using both technology and training aids at the right times to compliment the human side of coaching, which to me is the most important aspect.

When a coach can understand what you are thinking or feeling then this is where they can make the most difference.

Pete knows when you are struggling with a drill, concept or feels and has the skill to then change his approach so you, the pupil, can understand it and make progress. I am enjoying my golf more and feeling positive about where my game is now going and look forward to continuing this work with Pete."

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