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Our Headline Partners


At PTL Golf, we take the word partnership seriously. It is our goal to not only introduce and provide clients access to quality brands, but to ensure those brands align with our values.


Established in 2020, PTL Golf has grown to support more than 1,300 clients across the globe thanks to its hybrid online and in-person offering. From top-level professionals and elite amateur players to your casual weekend golfer, we offer a truly bespoke coaching experience tailored to each person's learning style, goals and abilities. 

By partnering with PTL Golf, brands focused on offering unique, quality and award-winning products are able to gain further association with one of the UK's top modern-day coaches dedicated to growing the game through best in class tuition.

​Interested in how a partnership may be right for you?

PARTNER: Gallery

Working with the best clients and partners aligned to PTL Golf's core values.

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