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Our Headline Partners


With an ever-growing audience, being able to partner with PTL Golf is more than just a promotional opportunity. Established in 2020, PTL Golf has developed into a brand trusted by elite amateur golfers across the world.

By being able to partner with PTL Golf, brands focusing on offering unique, quality and award-winning products are able to gain a further association with an elite golf coach whose golf tuition is not a 'one size fits all' but more of a bespoke offering aimed at providing elite golf tuition to the everyday golfer.

Our client list already taking advantage of the PTL Golf is based internationally with our online platform giving the ultimate experience for those looking for their perfect fit in a golf coach.

As part of our brand offering, we review each brand, its offering and how we feel it will work with PTL Golf to improve the lives of our clients. Association with some of the worlds biggest brands and golf courses including preferential pricing, discount codes and promotions are all made readily available to PTL Golf clients.

​Interested in how a partnership may be right for you?

PARTNER: Gallery

Working with the Best Clients and Partners aligned to PTL Golfs core values.

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