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The Latest In Golf Technology

PTL Golf utilises the game's best tracking software to deliver results that you can't argue with! How can Foresight's GCQuad technology improve your game?

True analysis, true data

​Unlike radar-based systems, Foresight's proven camera-based approach precisely captures and analyses ball and club data at the most critical point of measurement, impact, to deliver the most accurate data available in golf.

Benchmark your game, track your results

​FSX live is your secret weapon for game improvement. After a lesson or practice session with a GCQuad, you can go online to review your session data, track growth and pinpoint areas of improvement. Speak to PTL Golf to start using FSX live today.

​Indoor, outdoor, everywhere

Foresight's revolutionary technology can also be integrated into a full performance simulator, capturing every shot in the bag with total accuracy.

 From your longest drives to your shortest putts, every shot played on a GCQuad flies exactly how it would outside.

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