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The Latest In Golf Technology

How can foresight's GC Quad technology improve your game?


Take a look below at how I utilise the games best tracking software to deliver results that you can't argue with! 

True analysis, true data

​Unlike radar-based systems, foresight's proven camera-based approach precisely captures and analyses ball and club data at the most critical point of measurement: impact, to deliver the most accurate data available in golf.

Benchmark your game. Track your results

​Fsx live is your secret weapon for game improvement. After a lesson or practice session with a GC Quad, you can go online to review your session data, track growth and pinpoint areas of improvement. Speak to PTL Golf to start using FSX live today.

​Indoor, outdoor, everywhere

​Foresight's revolutionary technology can also be integrated into a full performance simulator, capturing every shot in the bag with total accuracy.

 From your longest drives to your shortest putts, every shot played on a GC Quad flies exactly how it would outside.


The Pinnacle Of Innovation

Add the GC Quad to your armoury with coaching from PTL Golf!

At the heart of foresight's game-changing range of technology are ultra-high-speed, stereoscopic cameras, guaranteeing you the most accurate and precise club delivery and ball launch data.


The result? Rapid and long-term improvements to your game.

​Want to see how all of this can help you?

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