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PTL Golf Partners with Dr Golf!

It gives PTL Golf great pleasure to announce our brand new partnership with DR Golf.

This partnership is designed to help us align the technical and physical aspects that we all deal with during our golfing journey.

Through this partnership, our clients will be given the tools and guidance to explore their own strength and conditioning limitations that may also apply to their golf swing.

The doctor golf app is free to download on both IOS and Android devices.

The initial program will run for a period of nine weeks with a pilot group of PTL clients, covering the basic biomechanics that we all go through when we swing, as the weeks progress so will the intensity.

PTL Golf clients will each receive a membership to DR Golf that also includes virtual classes, so there are no excuses!!!

Here is a message from Pete.

The program in its entirety has a lot of benefits available to PTL Golf clients including:


The aim of this workout is to improve your understanding of neutral posture, it will also test and train your ability to find and maintain neutral posture as you move. It is important you follow the key points carefully with the exercises included in the program as this will give you the best opportunity to transfer the movement patterns in training across to the movements in your golf swing.


The aim of this program is to improve peak force. Strength training will increase your ability to produce higher maximal force resulting in higher swing speed. Additionally, strength training will reduce your risk of injury as it will increase the ability of your joints to withstand higher forces. If you want to improve your driving performance by hitting the ball further with more control this program is suited for you!


The aim of this workout is to increase the rate of force development (how quickly you can achieve peak force). From the top of the backswing it takes around 200m/s to reach impact, therefore, we have a limited window to produce high force. If you want to increase speed in your downswing, resulting in greater driving distance, power-based training is your next step!

Core Stability

The aim of this program is to increase your core stability which will help reduce the risk of lower back injuries and increase swing speed. Its commonly known many golfers around the world suffer from lower back pain. If you want to avoid injury and increase your longevity in golf core stability training will benefit you.

Home Workout

The aim of this program is to improve your physical fitness whilst working out from the comfort of your home. The workouts include exercises that will improve mobility, full-body stability, and core stability. The sessions will need minimal equipment and minimal time but you will experience the benefits of the workouts next time you practice or play!

Thoracic Mobility

The aim of this workout is to improve the range of movement around your spine. If you struggle to find the correct upper body position during set up, or cannot rotate fully into your backswing without compensations, which can cause injuries and will decrease power in your golf swing, this will be a useful workout for you.

Hip Mobility

The aim of this program is to improve hip mobility. If you feel you have tight hips or if you are struggling to find and maintain the correct lower body positions in your golf swing this program is for you.

Golf Warm-Up

The aim of this program is to help you physically prepare for a round of golf or practice sessions. As a golfer, we have all stepped onto the 1st tee had a couple of stiff practice swings then hit a terrible opening shot. Therefore, this workout prevents this from happening by helping you to become physically ready when you step onto the 1st Tee.

Plus much, much more!!!

Take a look at the DR Golf website and see what it is all about.

We hope you enjoy it,


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