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PTL Golf is now on YouTube!!!

'Lessons in Lockdown' FIX Series available NOW!!!

With many of the PTL Golf clients stuck in current Coronavirus #lockdown, we have looked at way to help everyone find a way to continue to 'learn during lockdown'.

With everyone counting down the days in the UK until March 29th , we understand there are many looking to improve and we hope the PTL Golf YouTube channel will help create a community of learning with other like-minded golfers of all abilities who simply want to get better, and what's best, all the advice is available for FREE!!!

The YouTube content will continue to drop well after the currentl lockdown ends and Pete will aim to upload multiple videos per week based on some of the questions we get on the website, through instagram or via the #Skillest APP.

If you have an ongoing problem that you simply cannot get rid of then why not drop PTL Golf a message and Pete will be picking the very best questions to post an online tuturial to try and help. You can get in touch with him via the contact page on here, DM on Instagram or Facebook or if you are an existing client either by email or online via Skillest.

The PTL Golf 'Lessons in Lockdown' FIX series currently includes videos with help on:

- Why you don't get better at golf

- How to rotate

- Hand path matchups

- Golfing MIdsets

- Stop scooping and learning to compress the ball

- Using the ground

- Controlling the handle

and a whole lot more!!!

Getting involved is easy. Make sure you don't miss out on any more by hitting the #subscribe button.

Click here and subscribe today!

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